the true story of the shroud 

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In the Parable of the Talents, we are urged to invest our unique abilities rather than bury them and let them go to waste.


Imagination is my gift, and I use my creative energy to write inspirational fiction. Drawing on my educational background in psychology and sociology, I pen compelling, thought-provoking novels that fall outside of mainstream expectations. I strive to pull the reader through the full range of human emotion, adding just the right dose of humor for comic relief.


I have published four novels. The two at the bottom of this page, volumes I and II of the Amari Johnston series, concern the Shroud of Turin. God-willing, volume III of the series should be available in 2019. 


I live in the hills of Tennessee with my wife, daughter, and beagle. Besides writing, my other interests include fingerstyle guitar, psychology, Biblical history, Christian apologetics, and—as you might expect—religious relics such as The Shroud of Turin.

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